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My Music

My Music!

My guitar allows me to hear my inner voice. Among other specific activities, this too serves as a bridge between me and my inner world

Starting with the National Anthem and Mystery Scale, i'll be adding some more music to this section

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Chapter 1 - Sur Kalyan - Peace

Introduction 6-I'll Meet My Master!!! 10-Call to Gallows
1-Universe in Pairs 7-Secret of Love's 11-Find Your Way
2-The True Guide Sorrow to Tavern
3-The Glorious News 8-Drink to the Bitter 12-The Genuine
4-Oneness ness of Fatal Cup 13-The Lovers
5-Echo and Call 9-There's no bitter! Business

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The Red Ice-cube

My Photography!

Yup! I like to take some shots in my leisure time. I am specially in love with Macroshots as they are more... ummm... "detailed" ( hanjee! I like to observe things in great detail :D )

The one on the left is just one example, hit "Have a look" to see some more.

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K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

The lyrics are not limited to cricket only (no chakkaas or chokaas or ghumma k phaink or any other cricket term). It's for everyone! Observe, enjoy and eat the food! :)

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We all love change right?

We all love change right?

Yup! As we progress in our lives, we try to make things better and better for people around us. Changing anything does not mean that you completely change everything but keeping previous good elements and eliminating or improving on flawed ones.
So here comes my newly "dressed up" blog. :D

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Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

I've decided to narrate the series of poems of Shah jo Risalo written by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (SALB). The book consists of 29 poems in total. Every poem has been given a title of "Sur" meaning "a musical note". Every sur or note is then divided into different stories (daastaan), like first poem is divided into 3 stories. Some stories have concluding...

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Imagination versus speed of light!

Imagination versus speed of light!

The only problem in conversion of matter into energy is the speed of light. According to Einstien:

"We can convert any object into energy, if we throw it or move it with the square of speed of light."

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The True Guide (Peace - Chap1 - Stanza 2)


             None shares His glory, "He,
             shall be"..who this doth say
             Accepts Mohammad as 'guide'
             with heart and love's true sway;
             None from amongst those lost their way
             or ever went astray.

Bhitai has mentioned time (Past, present and future) here by saying that God was, is and will be present everywhere. Nobody shares his powers and glory. He then writes about the followers of Muhammad S.A.W. by saying that those people who make Muhammad S.A.W. as their guide never lost their way and fail in their lives.

Now the interesting thing to note here is the "way" or "destination" he is talking about. Similar to the first stanza, where counterpart of universe is unknown, here the unknown thing is the "way".

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  1. I've always loved the aspect of God as Omnipresent in past, current time and future...

    Thanx for the beautiful reminder of what matters and to whom we can give our trust.

  2. very true Riz and more so the first and second Stanza are all about sura Fatiha.

  3. Dear Connie, thank you for reading my post. Yes according to Muhammad S.A.W., God is time... :)

  4. Sir Akhtar, thank you for elaborating it further. Hmmm... Yes its true. Both stanzas are following Surah Fatiha.

    The 5th verse of Surah Fatiha says "ihdinas siraat'u-al mustaqim" (Show us the straight path)

    Similarly the definition of straight path is unknown here...

  5. How I love to see Sir Akhtar interacting with such ageless timeless wisdom and truth and expounding further. I must set aside to explore further the certain referrals of which I am as yet ignorant, InshaAllah.

    Keep up the really illuminating posts and reminders!

  6. By the way, your photo is outstanding and matches content...any chance I may keep in file for future use? If so, what is original source? If not known or if rather I not use, don't's a-ok...


  7. The photo's been taken from "", but I've edited it a bit...
    Yes you can keep this one...

  8. rIZ three months is a long period for next part!

  9. :) resuming from next week inshAllah!

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