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My Music

My Music!

My guitar allows me to hear my inner voice. Among other specific activities, this too serves as a bridge between me and my inner world

Starting with the National Anthem and Mystery Scale, i'll be adding some more music to this section

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Chapter 1 - Sur Kalyan - Peace

Introduction 6-I'll Meet My Master!!! 10-Call to Gallows
1-Universe in Pairs 7-Secret of Love's 11-Find Your Way
2-The True Guide Sorrow to Tavern
3-The Glorious News 8-Drink to the Bitter 12-The Genuine
4-Oneness ness of Fatal Cup 13-The Lovers
5-Echo and Call 9-There's no bitter! Business

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The Red Ice-cube

My Photography!

Yup! I like to take some shots in my leisure time. I am specially in love with Macroshots as they are more... ummm... "detailed" ( hanjee! I like to observe things in great detail :D )

The one on the left is just one example, hit "Have a look" to see some more.

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K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

The lyrics are not limited to cricket only (no chakkaas or chokaas or ghumma k phaink or any other cricket term). It's for everyone! Observe, enjoy and eat the food! :)

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We all love change right?

We all love change right?

Yup! As we progress in our lives, we try to make things better and better for people around us. Changing anything does not mean that you completely change everything but keeping previous good elements and eliminating or improving on flawed ones.
So here comes my newly "dressed up" blog. :D

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Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

I've decided to narrate the series of poems of Shah jo Risalo written by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (SALB). The book consists of 29 poems in total. Every poem has been given a title of "Sur" meaning "a musical note". Every sur or note is then divided into different stories (daastaan), like first poem is divided into 3 stories. Some stories have concluding...

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Imagination versus speed of light!

Imagination versus speed of light!

The only problem in conversion of matter into energy is the speed of light. According to Einstien:

"We can convert any object into energy, if we throw it or move it with the square of speed of light."

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Black and White - My belief

Your love is pure,
And works as a cure
To all my sadness
And to my madness

Says my belief that,
Matter is Spirit, Spirit is Matter

If I am a body, you are the soul,
I am a pearl, you are the sea,
I am an eye, you are the light,
I am a mind, you are the heart.

Says my belief that,
Matter is Spirit, Spirit is Matter

The wait is over,
We will takeover.
The most is done,
So we have One.

Says my belief that,
Matter is Spirit, Spirit is Matter

With us is Truth and Imagination,
And Purity and Love.
With us is Rhyme,
The Rhyme of Time

Says my belief that,
Matter is Spirit, Spirit is Matter

Pakistan - 14th August 2012 - Happy Independence Day :)

(Click to enlarge)

2017: The Battle for Marghdeen is a "non-fiction thriller" written by Khurram Ali Shafique, author of Iqbal: An Illustrated Biography and winner of the Presidential Iqbal Award. His publications include The Republic of Rumi: a Novel of Reality (2007) and Iqbal, a six-volume biography in Urdu. His numerous articles have been published in national press.

The new book outlines the philosophy of Iqbal by introducing "The Seven Stages" and applying the same concept to the history of Pakistan.

According to the author:

Marghdeen is an ideal city presented by Iqbal in Javid Nama. There is no poverty, crime or injustice. Life is inside-out and people know their destinies.

In my new book, 2017, I have tried to explain that Marghdeen is a parable about our times. It describes what can be achieved today, if we are willing to understand the principles and bring a change in how we see the world.

The book will be released electronically on 14th August 2012 by Libredux, UK. Some coupons will also be made available from the author's blog for a limited time.

Update: The book is online now. You can download your free copy from Smashwords by using the coupon: UH45Q [This offer expires at midnight, 18 August (California time)]

Happy 65th Independence Day to all!

Pakistan Zindabad!

At SZABIST: Yummy and Crispy French Fries shot - Macro Mode Photography

Blurred area:
SZABIST, 100 Clifton, Karachi

Friesantastic!! (Click to enlarge)

  • Album Name:       Macroshots.
  • File Name:            yummmy.jpg
  • Date snapped:     7 May 2011 6:32 PM (PST)
  • Location:             SZABIST
  • Resolution:          1600x1200 pixels
  • Camera:              Canon DIGITAL IXUS 85 IS
  • Exposure Time:   1/100 sec.
  • ISO speed:           ISO-80


My Semi-Acoustic Guitar - Macro Mode Photography

I dive deep within me with the help of you,
And bring back some substance to this world.
I read myself with the help of you,
The one that bridges my two worlds.
It's you.

The bridge (Click to enlarge)

  • Album Name:       Macroshots.
  • File Name:            the_bridge.jpg
  • Date snapped:     19 May 2011 4:05 PM (PST)
  • Location:              Home
  • Resolution:          1600x1200 pixels
  • Camera:              Canon DIGITAL IXUS 85 IS
  • Exposure Time:   1/60 sec.
  • ISO speed:           ISO-100


Shah Jo Risalo - Path to Peace - Sur Yaman Kalyan - Introduction

Yes!! The beginning of the new chapter "Path To Peace" (Sur Yaman Kalyan in Sindhi)

This chapter is divided into five sub-chapters and talks mostly about the pain of being separated with the Beloved and cure to this pain.

To get an idea what kind of words this chapter mostly consists of, you can analyze the above image. The size of each word is directly proportional to the frequency of word being used in the complete chapter.

Instead of posting single stanzas, I'll be posting the "group" of stanzas from now onwards depending on the sense those will make.

Like the introductory sub-chapter of this Sur (Chapter) consists of 4 stanzas out which 3 stanzas are beginning with the line "Thou art the friend; the healer thou"

I'll be posting this introductory chapter in my next post titled "Thou art the friend; the healer thou (Path to Peace - Chap1 - Stanzas 1-4)"

(Read Full Chapter)


Remembering Waheed Murad - The Painted Gate to a different World

When anyone talks about the history Pakistani cinema, his discussion won't be considered as "complete" until and unless he talks about Waheed Murad (October 2, 1938 – November 23, 1983), The Legend of Pakistani cinema, also known as "Chocolate Hero" and "Lady Killer"

He was a writer, producer, director and an actor who created such an impact on Pakistani cinema industry that the age got a label of "Rising Sun" He even won awards like "Sitara-i-Imtiaz" and "Nigar Awards" for his amazing and astounding works.

Talking about myself, Waheed Murad just changed my mindset regarding Pakistani cinema. Like many others, unfortunately, I also thought of classic Pakistani movies as obsolete and of no use, having no meaning and purpose, until I came to know about this specific song, "Aakhri baar mil rahey hain hum" (Meeting for the last time):

Song: Aakhri baar mil rahe hain hum
Singer: Mehdi Hassan
Film: Ishara (Urdu - 1969)
Music: Sohail Ra'na
Lyrics: Masroor Anwar
Director & Producer: Waheed Murad
Actors: Waheed Murad, Deeba & Co.

It's from the film "Ishara", the only movie directed by Waheed Murad himself. He also wrote the script of this movie as well. In the beginning of the song, Amir (Waheed Murad) is thinking about his love  Aliya (Deeba) as they both are going to depart soon. Now as you can see, Amir (who's a painter by profession) is staring at his own creation, painting of a gate, and "uses" this gate to enter a different World altogether.

As I mentioned that it's his own creation, WM is hinting that he's gone not into a strange World, it's "his own" inner World, where he expresses his grief by singing "Aakhri baar mil rahey hain hum, ao phr kyun na muskura k milen...." (We are meeting for the last time, so why not meet with smiles on our faces)

If we observe, the stage, dresses of dancers, colors of their dresses, the whole setup is arranged to go with the projection of his "self". At the end of the song, the same gate has been shown with "position" of Amir being the only difference. He gets locked inside this World.... and returns with a different experience (movie goes to color from black and white) :o

This is a (little) observation of just one song of this movie. God knows how many messages and philosophies are hidden in his other films.

Although, November 23, 1983 marks his death anniversary, but he can be seen alive in his works, his films, his philospohies, his messages, his love towards the people of Pakistan, his devotion to make films for "Every single person" living in Pakistan.

People have started getting your "hidden" messages Mr. Chocolate Hero. :D


Some of the fellow bloggers talking about WM:

A Cloudy Pattern - Auto Mode Photography

Similar to objects, the scene said "Photograph me"

And i clicked....

The beautiful sunset! (Click to enlarge)

  • Album Name:       Auto-mode Shots.
  • File Name:            cloudy_pattern.jpg
  • Date snapped:     10 April 2011 6:35 PM (PST)
  • Location:              Sky
  • Resolution:          2272x1704 pixels
  • Camera:               Canon DIGITAL IXUS 85 IS
  • Exposure Time:   1/200 sec.
  • ISO speed:           ISO-80
  • Focal length:       6 mm

The Lover's Business (Peace - Chap1 - Stanza 13)

Image edited by me. Original can be found here

"To guard and to preserve the head,
the lover's business is not this---
One of beloved's glance is worth
so many hundreds head of his---
Flesh, skin and bone, and all there is ,
the 'least ' of loved-one , equals not."

The last stanza of first chapter "Sur Kalyan (Peace)" is a true representation of intensity of Love.

To make it a bit easy for my fellow readers, it says:

"Lover's task is not to preserve and protect his head but to have that "glance" of his beloved. The worth of that glance is incomparable. It has more attraction and peace than guarding your head; heads which are so common in this world. What do you have?! Flesh? Skin? Bones? These are not comparable to what your beloved has"

The intriguing point is that Bhitai has compared a tiny particle with the huge desert and the difference in these two variables is in terms of Power and Love. How?

It is not flesh, skin and bone of yours, these are "nothing" for your beloved! [read: Power]
The glance.... it is incomparable... it attracts... it calls... [read: Love]

One more thing I heard while reading this is that a Genuine Lover is similar, yet different from others...

It's really nice to see this chapter coming to the end. If you want to read the full chapter, go to
Home > Shah Jo Risalo > Chapter 1 - Peace or click "Read full chapter" at the bottom.

What are your opinions about this chapter? Why it is named as "Peace"? Comments are welcomed here as well as the Chapter's comment section