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My Music

My Music!

My guitar allows me to hear my inner voice. Among other specific activities, this too serves as a bridge between me and my inner world

Starting with the National Anthem and Mystery Scale, i'll be adding some more music to this section

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Chapter 1 - Sur Kalyan - Peace

Introduction 6-I'll Meet My Master!!! 10-Call to Gallows
1-Universe in Pairs 7-Secret of Love's 11-Find Your Way
2-The True Guide Sorrow to Tavern
3-The Glorious News 8-Drink to the Bitter 12-The Genuine
4-Oneness ness of Fatal Cup 13-The Lovers
5-Echo and Call 9-There's no bitter! Business

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The Red Ice-cube

My Photography!

Yup! I like to take some shots in my leisure time. I am specially in love with Macroshots as they are more... ummm... "detailed" ( hanjee! I like to observe things in great detail :D )

The one on the left is just one example, hit "Have a look" to see some more.

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K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

The lyrics are not limited to cricket only (no chakkaas or chokaas or ghumma k phaink or any other cricket term). It's for everyone! Observe, enjoy and eat the food! :)

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We all love change right?

We all love change right?

Yup! As we progress in our lives, we try to make things better and better for people around us. Changing anything does not mean that you completely change everything but keeping previous good elements and eliminating or improving on flawed ones.
So here comes my newly "dressed up" blog. :D

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Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

I've decided to narrate the series of poems of Shah jo Risalo written by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (SALB). The book consists of 29 poems in total. Every poem has been given a title of "Sur" meaning "a musical note". Every sur or note is then divided into different stories (daastaan), like first poem is divided into 3 stories. Some stories have concluding...

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Imagination versus speed of light!

Imagination versus speed of light!

The only problem in conversion of matter into energy is the speed of light. According to Einstien:

"We can convert any object into energy, if we throw it or move it with the square of speed of light."

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Drink to the Bitterness of Fatal Cup (Peace - Chap1 - Stanza 8)

Image taken from here

"The poison-drinking lovers, lured
by poison sweet, drink more and more;
To bitterness of fatal cup,
the poison-drinkers are inured,
Though wounds are festering, and uncured,
no whispers to the vulgar goes."

Poison... it takes your death.. and if seen from a different angle, it helps you to enter in a new world.

Notice that Bhitai is referring to those people who are "attracted" to the sweet poison and are in love with it as this poison gives them strength. It makes them tougher.

One more thing is interesting here. "The poison drinkers are inured" says that this poison makes them "stronger" and on the other side, it also makes their wounds "fester". So physically (festering wounds can be seen by everyone), it is working as the normal poison works, but spiritually (may be), it has a positive impact.

If we read the next stanza "There's no bitter", we can get an idea about the source of this poison, i.e all from Beloved's side is sweet.

Sadly, i couldn't understand the last line. :( "no whispers to the vulgar goes".


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  1. Your blog is so... dizzying ! Too much jumps out at once. Anyhow the translated verses by sufi poets seem interesting. Will discover them in detail after my exam.

  2. Thanks for the sincere feedback about my blog :) You are actually the first one who found it... dizzying

    You use google chrome as the browser?

    I am actually very nitpicking in terms of layout of my blog. I'd be glad to know about these "jumps-at-once" :s

    Anyways, point noted!

    Keep coming

  3. Nopes I use Firefox.

    What i mean by dizzying is that everything from top to bottom is 'click-able' The title , the tabs underneath , the slideshow of posts , the ten built-in links at the bottom of each post _ all hyper-linked! Its too dynamic as compared to usual wall-solid blogs with simple layout. But as master Shifu of Kung-fu Panda would say : I found inner peace when I realized the fault resides in me , and not in you _ the dizzying may be more due to my first visit to such a jumping-jack type blog and less due to your layout So *cheers* :)

    And something about 'honest' feedback. Bloggers are way-too-polite while leaving comments . Its understandable. but that kills the suspense and spice of receiving feed-back. the more sugary the feed-back , the more impractical it is :p

  4. Tigress of Kung.Fu.Panda is a nice character as well... 'cheers' :D

    I believe more in the Panda. Do what "you" want, give feedback the way "you" like it, don't care about how sugary or bitter it'll be.

    "Bloggers are way-too-polite while leaving comments . Its understandable"
    "the more sugary the feed-back , the more impractical it is"
    - revisit the thoughts/philosophies.

    p.s. I'd love to start a blog on movies someday (a marketing blog as well) :D

  5. Mine ain't synchronized as well

    It shows "0 Comments and 0 Reactions" on my blog as well, at:

    1- Under the strip of Post Author : rIZ
    2- Below every post on blog home (

    I emailed disqus about the issue as well, they said you'll have to tweak your template, which is a nightmare, or I must say the ingredients to prepare a nightmare.

  6. But yes, I've "two" workarounds to show the no of comments, without depending on the disqus alone.

    1- [Specifically for individual posts] Sidebar has "recent posts widget" - shows exact no. of comments
    2- [Specifically for homepage] Template has built-in feature of showing useful info under the blog post title, like:
    (Posted by rIZ | Wednesday, May 18, 2011 | Category:

    Shah Jo Risalo,
    Sur Kalyan


  7. I'm in the middle of a nightmare ! Last written on 8th ! will reply later .

  8. Thanks ! Did I say I like your profile intro :

    I feel attracted to these words Reality, Equality, Love, Masterpiece, Light, Dream, Imagination, Respect your thoughts, Happiness, Time, Truth, Craziness, I am important... 

    Thumbs Up !

  9. just wondering whats the shrinking-limit  of this disqus widget :p

  10. It keep Shrinking with every reply. :p

  11. Can it beat Democritus's atom !? Only one way to find out ! Doing it !

  12. Only one way to find out ! Doing it !

  13. Now thats called preseverance! ;)

  14. Just wanna see what it does when it runs out of space B)

  15. Talk -of- accomodation !

  16. Lets-see-how-you-react-to-this-purely-scientific-experiment :)

  17. I-hope-you're-not-making-the-grape-green-mood-as-flashing-below

  18. It'd be an insult to Democritus to stop now

  19. Its almost out of space!

  20. Yes!ub kidher display keryga!

  21. You can't cross the margin line ! ;-/

  22. i dont know if i had read the whole blog  or not....but the layout is very confusing may be because of the lack of knowledge that i have for this high-tech blog but it is very well written and this poetry has attracted me a lot

  23. Hmmm... Thank you so much your sincere feedback Tbibkhot :)

    I'm now really worried about the layout as this is the second time a reader is saying it's confusing :s

    Can you please elaborate the word 'confusing' for me?

  24. i don,t know it id just confusing i don't know where to go and what to find but i think now i am developing an understanding of it

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