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My Music

My Music!

My guitar allows me to hear my inner voice. Among other specific activities, this too serves as a bridge between me and my inner world

Starting with the National Anthem and Mystery Scale, i'll be adding some more music to this section

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Chapter 1 - Sur Kalyan - Peace

Introduction 6-I'll Meet My Master!!! 10-Call to Gallows
1-Universe in Pairs 7-Secret of Love's 11-Find Your Way
2-The True Guide Sorrow to Tavern
3-The Glorious News 8-Drink to the Bitter 12-The Genuine
4-Oneness ness of Fatal Cup 13-The Lovers
5-Echo and Call 9-There's no bitter! Business

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The Red Ice-cube

My Photography!

Yup! I like to take some shots in my leisure time. I am specially in love with Macroshots as they are more... ummm... "detailed" ( hanjee! I like to observe things in great detail :D )

The one on the left is just one example, hit "Have a look" to see some more.

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K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

K Jo Tum Main Ye Dum, Wo Kisi Main Nahin!!

The lyrics are not limited to cricket only (no chakkaas or chokaas or ghumma k phaink or any other cricket term). It's for everyone! Observe, enjoy and eat the food! :)

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We all love change right?

We all love change right?

Yup! As we progress in our lives, we try to make things better and better for people around us. Changing anything does not mean that you completely change everything but keeping previous good elements and eliminating or improving on flawed ones.
So here comes my newly "dressed up" blog. :D

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Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

Shah Jo Risalo - Intro

I've decided to narrate the series of poems of Shah jo Risalo written by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (SALB). The book consists of 29 poems in total. Every poem has been given a title of "Sur" meaning "a musical note". Every sur or note is then divided into different stories (daastaan), like first poem is divided into 3 stories. Some stories have concluding...

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Imagination versus speed of light!

Imagination versus speed of light!

The only problem in conversion of matter into energy is the speed of light. According to Einstien:

"We can convert any object into energy, if we throw it or move it with the square of speed of light."

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Science stops, Philosophy starts!

When taking an interactive workshop about Iqbal studies, a lot of questions were raised that day when discussing about harmonies between science and religion. Like others, I thought that "How is it possible to just think the two words at the same time; Science and Religion?"

After some days, I was taking a lecture on Development Economics. During the discussion, our teacher said a sentence which was mere a sentence for others but more than that for me. He said "Science is originated from Philosophy."

Every thing has some limitations, Science also has. So we can say that those problems which are not being solved by Science can be solved by Philosophy. Plus there is also a possibility that it may describe the procedure of creating harmonies between Science and Religion!

And Iqbal was a philosopher.

Now at least I can think the two words at the same time! :)

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  1. Bravo for the new blog and so succinct and compelling as well as before.

  2. PLEASE keep posting...your topic is WAY up there to me! Let me know when you have a new one, ok?

  3. The choice of Scientific Method is a philosophical choice. Scientists CHOOSE to approach reality in a particular way. Their work, their conclusions, and their application of those into real life or universal-reality scenarios are CONSTRAINED by their choice. Science goes only a certain way in it's ABILITY to detect reality. Beyond that line (that comes very soon) it fails. Scientific interpretations are like the endeavours of a man locked inside a room. The outcomes of his efforts to understand his surroundings will be relevant only INSIDE that room. But cannot hold beyond it's boundaries. Please follow on to my blog @ structureofentropy.wordpress and select the category Science for more on this topic. JazakAllah.

  4. i would say science is the baby of religion science is just discovering things that the religion has already told and taught

  5. So according to you Religion gave birth to Science?

    I just imagined, a newly born child starts to learn things at an island, far-off from the world. He observes fruits, vegetables, mud, sunlight, trees, his past experiences, behavior of the people etc

    Then his parents start to make him teach what Islam is all about.

    Thanks for your views :)

  6. science was created when people started observing things around them and when they researched and tried to reason out he looked towards every possible answer and i guess they found the answers which were already given by the religion...but like a stubborn child science does not listen to the parents but through exploration and reasons tries to proves itself

  7. Yes! Human himself gave birth to science. Science then becomes the baby of human...

  8. i don't think so...for me it's like human stumbled on it... as in we humans came across it without having any such intentions

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